Scientists in the United States, China and Mexico are studying a new type of children who are appearing in ever-increasing numbers throughout the world. They are commonly referred to as Indigo Children or Starseed Children. The "Indigo" description results from intuitive observers who see a greater concentration of that color in the young persons aura. "Starseed" comes from those who believe these children are from other worlds and have come to assist us in these difficult times.

Like shamans or those who underwent an initiation process in the past, or people who have had a near-death experience, these youngsters display an unusual amount of psychic talents. These include telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, intuition, remote viewing, teleportation, levitation and interdimensional awareness. Of course, every Indigo or Starseed child does not possess all of these skills, but they each seem to sense when others are in trouble and have an ability to console and heal which they freely utilize.

The Indigo and Starseed children are a bewilderment to many of today's parents and teachers who have only a third dimensional understanding of life. The youngsters already "know" who they are and many of them understand the purpose of their present stay on Earth. They are apt to focus on the etheric, rather than the linear, making it difficult for them to adapt to conventional classroom discipline and fit into mainstream society. Frequently these children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or some form of hyperactivity, which alarms those who attempt to help all young people avoid frustration and achieve balance and harmony in their lives.

Many believe these leaders of the future are ancient souls from Mu and Atlantis who have returned to help humanity find its way out of the world difficulties. We've had spiritual impoverishment and would benefit from listening to these children with the wise old eyes. As we encounter the current problems of social upheavals, crime and our inhumanity to one another, the wisdom of the Indigo and Starseed Children will offer us a bridge from the third dimension to higher levels.

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